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Corte Langosco

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Corte Langosco was originally the right of way courtyard entrance of the aristocratic manor house "Villa Picchetta" towards the end of sixteenth century.

Recently restored with the most inner passion and not to let go of a past of unforgettable scented memories, enchanting stories of travels in land near and far, collecting precious antique furnishings, fragrances of cloves and cinnamon wafting into the air together blending with the aromas of jasmine from the ready made oven baked cakes and rose petal jams.

In a time which seems to be suspended - lost between beliefs and leggends shrouded in a surreal tranquility only interrupted by the croaking of frogs and the boisterous flights of the grey herons just as summer breaks out, here flows the Langosco Naviglio "waterway" through breath - taking surroundings of almost still waters, the riverside banks covered with vegetation and the jutting branches of the trees brushing the spread of water rippled by the sublet flowing.


'And here I'll get quieten among the folders life’     (Enzo Ferrari)








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